IdentitĂ  Expo 2015 - Frederik Deceuninck

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During Expo 2015 we had the pleasure to interview the chef of Sel Gris restaurant in Duinbergen Frederik Deceuninck, who told us about his experience at Identità Expo, the temporary restaurant of Identità Golose.

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Here’s our video about Vinòforum 2016, exciting event which had us as media partner, dealing specifically with Cantine da Chef, a mix of excellent cuisine and wine.

Just after Expo closed, the first big event about pizza started in Vighizzolo d'Este from the 2nd to the 4th of November 2015: it's Pizza Up.


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From the 19th to the 20th of October 2015 the wine exposition Autochtona took place in Bolzano. The aim was to promote the wine-making traditions of small Italian producers.

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We were at the three days festival "Cooking for Art Rome 2015" where we attended important food expositions and cooking shows held by some of the greatest chefs and pizza makers.

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We were at the 3-days festival "Cooking for Art Roma 2015" from the 3rd of October, where we attended food exhibitions and cooking shows of important chefs and pizza makers.

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This year we are back to the big event "Cooking for Art Roma 2015" where we attended important expositions of products and cooking shows held by some of the greatest chefs. 

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During Fish and Chef we had the pleasure to interview the Finnish chef Dirk Hoberg who told us about his cooking and his own experience at the event.

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During Identità Expo we had the opportunity to chat with the Flamish Chef Jan Tournier who told us about his "Rebels", his cooking and his experience at Expo 2015.

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Druing Franciacortando 2015, one of the most appreciated gastronomic events of North Italy, we had the pleasure to visit the wine cellar "Il Mosnel".

Here it is the stop of Mama Petra at the Metropolitan Market of Milan, a gourmet space entirely dedicated to quality food and best Italian products!




The third edition of the Gourmet Festival organized by Relais & Châteaux starts on 8th of January:

In Alba, since 8th October to 27th November 2016, there will be the 86th edition of International Fair of White Truffle of Alba.

In the Autumn come to Val di Non, in Trentino and rediscover the typical products and wine of Trentino: from October 14th to 30th.

18 important and italian Pizza boys, 36 different kinds of pizza, over 20 Masterclass: these are the amazing number which characterized "Che Pizza" event.

From 28th October to 2nd November 2016: a weekend of celebration in the spirit of fresh fish of Adriatico. Restaurants in Cesenatico cook fresh fish with testing and recipes linked to traditions.

From Saturday, 29 October to Monday, 1 November in Mondovì, in the province of Cuneo, there takes place "Peccati di Gola" Edition.

During "Tuttinfiera", the important event of passions in Padua, from 29th October to 1th November, will debut Vegan Days, a space entirely dedicated to vegan world.

From November 4th to 8th in the elegant town of Merano, the 15th edition of Merano Wine Festival takes place.

From November 10th to 28th, in magic locations of Florence, will take place the ninth edition of the Biennal dedicated to the world of food and wine.

From 12 to 15 November 2016 you could the possibility to partecipate at Cosmofood in the Fair Center of Vicenza.

From November 12th to 13th in Montalcino (SI) the most authoritative Italian oenologists are meeting to propose wine - testing of the highest order, for the third year running.


The event comes from overseas and we have been talking about it for a long time among the experts in the field: the Gourmet Week Concept arrives in Italy from 1st to 9th October in Turin, Alessandria, Rivoli, Milan, Rome, Parma and Verona after Lyons, Antwerb, Berlin and Balcelona.

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